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The Scarlet Ibis

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Information about the Author


Information about James Hurst

The author of the Scarlet Ibis is a writer born in 1922 on a farm in North Carolina. After attending North Carolina State College and serving in the United States Army during World War II he then went on to New York at Julliard School of Music where he studied singing. He then went to Rome, Italy where he became a banker. During the time when he worked at the International Department of a large bank in New York, he published a few short stories one being the Scarlet Ibis which was published in 1960 in the Atlantic Monthly. When reading the Scarlet Ibis he wants readers to think of how the war raging among “brothers” in Europe is similar to the problem between Doodle and his brother. He now lives not far from where he was born with a garden which has many of the same flowers that are told in the Scarlet Ibis.

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