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The Scarlet Ibis

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Discussion Questions


1. How is red symbolic to the story?
Red is symbolic in many parts of the story. One time is when the Scarlet Ibis comes and it is red. Another time is at the end of the story when Doodle has blood running down him.
2. Why was the narrator so cruel to Doodle throughout the story?
He may have been angry that Doodle wouldn't be the normal brother he'd expected. He wants Doodle to feel the pain that he's endured.
3. Why was the narrator so determined to teach Doodle to walk, swim, climb, and fight?
4. Why do you think the narrator was so ashamed of Doodle?
The narrator is ashamed of Doodle, because the narrator wants to have a normal brother, that isn't so attached to him.
5. Why is Doodle so eager to live up to his brothers expectations?
Doodle just wants his brother to be proud of him
6. How is the theme of pride central to the story?
The Brother was very prideful.  He was embarrassed by Doodle, and his pride made him push Doodle farther than he could go.  Doodle wanted his brother to be proud of him-in a good sense.  He wanted his brother's approval and acceptance, when all the Brother wanted was a normal brother.

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